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Kitch'n'Art网上画廊艺术家VLADA MYAKONKINA

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  VLADA MYAKONKINA(http://www.kitchandart.com/#!ch-home/c1kgs)出生于俄罗斯雷宾斯克。由于自小对画画兴趣浓厚,VLADA MYAKONKINA父母把VLADA MYAKONKINA送去艺术学院。苏联的艺术学院并没有所谓的创新艺术教学法,主要着重于指导学生如何使用“正确”的方法来画一张矮凳,以及使用“美丽的方式”画物体的阴影。这些学习非常枯燥,但就启蒙阶段而言已绰绰有余。

  VLADA MYAKONKINA在这所学校完成综合课程,过后在1995年报读纺织大学的设计师学系。这里教导素描、绘画、创作和缝纫等。那时VLADA MYAKONKINA才明确地知道自己非常讨厌缝纫,并决定终身只为艺术献身。由于自己三心两意,加上手续问题,VLADA MYAKONKINA无法转去另一间大学,并于2000年毕业。毕业后,VLADA MYAKONKINA投身时髦兼盈利颇丰的领域——广告业。

  VLADA MYAKONKINA在这个行业呆了很长的一段时间。在那个时候,画画是VLADA MYAKONKINA逃离工作和广告世界的方式。这个领域充斥着谎言、平淡无奇和空洞的幻想。有一段时间,VLADA MYAKONKINA尝试不去理会它,认真和有效的完成VLADA MYAKONKINA的工作。但是有时VLADA MYAKONKINA觉得自己一刻也无法忍受下去。在那段日子,VLADA MYAKONKINA在一家广告公司担任艺术总监一职,同时从事自由工作者数年之久。 及至2006年,VLADA MYAKONKINA开始发现自己已朝向错误的方向发展。

  VLADA MYAKONKINA推却所有的新项目和切断一切设备,然后跑去旅行。那段时间,VLADA MYAKONKINA几乎完全没有作画,但是VLADA MYAKONKINA深信自己很快就会找到方向。2009年,VLADA MYAKONKINA发现了位于莫斯科的英国艺术与设计高等学院,还会见Victor Melamed老师。他后来成为VLADA MYAKONKINA的导师,更完全颠覆了VLADA MYAKONKINA的生活和技能。VLADA MYAKONKINA在该学院完成插画课程。毕业后,VLADA MYAKONKINA成为Tzeh协会的会员(欲知更多关于 Tzeh: https://www.behance.net/tzeh“«Tzeh»是一个以俄语为沟通媒介的艺术家社区,会员遍布喀山至旧金山,目前共有63名会员。VLADA MYAKONKINA们虽然来自不同流派和创作媒介,但是VLADA MYAKONKINA们共享视觉的鲜美和插画的挑战。”)

  2013年,VLADA MYAKONKINA在一项新闻插画竞赛中脱颖而出,有幸加入Artemiy Lebedev率领的圣彼得堡人种学探险团。2014年,VLADA MYAKONKINA成为国际漫画节Boomfest大奖赛的得奖者。

  现在的VLADA MYAKONKINA非常享受自己所做的一切。VLADA MYAKONKINA画了很多作品,VLADA MYAKONKINA的工作就是艺术,而艺术是多么的美妙。这是VLADA MYAKONKINA经过多年寻寻觅觅、不断尝试和屡错屡试后,终于寻回自VLADA MYAKONKINA的故事。


  VLADA MYAKONKINA (http://www.kitchandart.com/#!ch-home/c1kgs)

  Born in Rybinsk, Russia since early childhood I have had an interest to drawing and my parents sent me to Arts school. In Soviet Union schools did not have any innovative approach so the learning was mainly about the “correct” way to draw a tabouret as well as shading dimensions in “a beautiful manner”. It was very boring but quite enough for the beginning stage.

  The school was finished almost together with general studies after which I enrolled into Stylist Faculty at Textile University in 1995. There we were taught drawing, painting and composition as well as sewing. At that time I clearly understood that I completely hate sewing and would dedicate my life to Art only. However, due to hesitation and formalities I failed to transfer to another University and graduated in 2000. Afterwards I took up fashionable and profitable work – in advertising.

  I worked in this industry for quite some time and at that time drawing was my way to escape from work and the world of advertising. This world was full of lies, flatness and empty illusions. For some time I managed not to pay attention to it and do my job sincerely and as efficiently as I could. But at some point of time I could no longer stand it. At that moment I was an art-director in an advertising agency and worked as a freelancer for several years. In 2006 I realized that I was moving in wrong direction.

  I rejected all new projects, disconnected all devices and went for travelling. I almost didn’t draw but felt that soon I would find my own way. In 2009 I found out about British High School of Design in Moscow and met Victor Melamed who became my teacher and completely turned over my life and skills. I graduated from Illustration course of studies in this school. After graduation I became member of Tzeh society (more about Tzeh: https://www.behance.net/tzeh “«Tzeh» is a community of Russian-speaking artists, scattered from Kazan to San Francisco, currently numbering 63 members. We work in very different genres and media, but share a taste for visually fresh and challenging illustration”).

  In 2013 I won a competition of journalist-illustrators and joined an ethnographic expedition around Saint-Petersburg led by Artemiy Lebedev. In 2014 I won Grand Prix at International Comics Festival Boomfest.

  Nowadays I enjoy what I do. I draw a lot and my work is about Art only which is just wonderful. That is my story of finding Me after years of search, trying and making mistakes.









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